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Finding the best Kentucky Derby odds may be favorable to betting success in this year’s big race. We have identified the best offshore bookies with odds for “The Run for the Roses” compare lines to find what works best for you.

The greatest two minutes in racing goes down on Saturday, May 4 at Churchill Downs. Our guide explains all there is to know about the odds for the Kentucky Derby as well as the most popular bets to target.

Latest Kentucky Derby Odds 2024

Here are the latest future odds for the big race. We’ve taken odds from three of our top Kentucky Derby sportsbooks and horse racing betting sites to show you differences in prices.

Horse Bovada BetOnline BetUS MyBookie Everygame
1. Dornoch +2000 +2000 +2000 +2200 +2200
2. Sierra Leone +400 +300 +300 +250 +275
3. Mystik Dan +2000 +2000 +2200 +2500 +2800
4. Catching Freedom +900 +800 +900 +1000 +1100
5. Catalytic +4000 +3000 +3500 +4000 +4000
6. Just Steel +2200 +2000 +2300 +2500 +2800
7. Honor Marie +1600 +2000 +1900 +2000 +3300
8. Just A Touch +1100 +1000 +1100 +1400 +1600
9. Encino Scratched Scratched Scratched Scratched Scratched
10. T O Password +3500 +3000 +3500 +2800 +2500
11. Forever Young +850 +1000 +900 +550 +800
12. Track Phantom +2500 +2000 +2000 +2500 +2000
13. West Saratoga +4000 +5000 +5000 +5000 +5000
14. Endlessly +3000 +3000 +2800 +3000 +2000
15. Domestic Product +2500 +3000 +2900 +2500 +2500
16. Grand Mo The First +5000 +5000 +5000 +6600 +6600
17. Fierceness +250 +250 +250 +300 +350
18. Stronghold +2000 +2000 +1800 +1400 +1400
19. Resilience +2500 +2000 +2000 +2000 +2000
20. Society Man +4000 +5000 +4000 +2500 +4000
21. Epic Ride +5000 +5000 +5000 +5000 +5000
 Updated Kentucky Derby odds are correct as of Monday, April 29, 2024.

How Kentucky Derby Odds Work

The odds offered by bookies reflect the implied probability of any hopeful Kentucky Derby horses winning the race. In horse racing, we have favorites and outsiders; favorites are typically the most fancied due to their perceived superiority. In the Kentucky Derby, it’s no different.

Bovada How Odds Work

Bookies have different ways of presenting these odds, however. Learning how to read them can be of benefit to you in identifying good betting value.

How To Read Kentucky Derby Odds

Part of understanding how to bet on the Kentucky Derby correctly, is knowing that most US bookies present prices in the American or “Vegas” format. This is perhaps the easiest way to work out a win against positive odds, as it is worked out based on a $100 wager. Some online betting operators also use fractions and decimals – there is almost always an option in your settings to change from American to at least one of the others.

Here’s an example of how betting sites may display odds for different horses using alternative odds formats.

Horse US Odds Decimal Odds Fractional Odds
Sierra Leone +700 8.00 7/1
Track Phantom +1100 12.00 11/1
Dornoch +1200 13.00 12/1
Fierceness +1400 15.00 14/1
Locked +1600 17.00 16/1
Timberlake +1700 18.00 17/1

The one downside with American odds is that the concept changes when there is a minus and not a plus in front of them. For instance, if Sierra Leone was priced at -150 instead of +700, this means you must bet $150 to win $100 in profit. If he was -450, you must bet $450 to win $100 profit, and so on.

Using the table above, here are some examples to help you work out odds using different formats.

  • American Odds – If you make a successful $100 bet on Sierra Leone, you stand to win $700 in profit – in other words, +700 dollars. However, you also get your stake of $100 back so finish with $800 in total from sports betting sites.
  • Decimal Odds – With decimal, the odds number represents the total payout on the base stake of $1. If you bet $1 on Track Phantom at 12.00, you stand to win $12 back – this is made up of $11 in profit and $1 in stake.
  • Fractional Odds – These represent the amount you win in profit on the left of the oblique (/) against the stake on the right. This means a successful $1 bet on Dornoch at 12/1 returns $12 in profit for the $1 in stake – you get that $1 back, too, making the total return $13.

Different Types of Kentucky Derby Betting Odds

Kentucky Derby odds today are much greater in variety than they were a couple of decades ago. As such, you can find a myriad of popular bet types to try out on America’s greatest race.

Kentucky Derby Futures Odds

These are essentially fixed odds wagers on “The Run for the Roses” that have been placed in advance. You may also find odds for Triple Crown picks in the futures category. They are especially popular with bettors looking to lock in on some early betting value.

Many online sportsbooks publish Kentucky Derby future odds to attract early betting interest. These prices can change dramatically in the run-up to May’s event at Churchill Downs, with performances in Prep Season making a difference.

Kentucky Derby Pool Odds

American pari-mutuel betting pools don’t have fixed odds. Instead, the Kentucky Derby payout on a horse with these types of bets is determined by the amount of money placed (pooled) on it. That amount you receive is divided by – and then shared with – the number of bettors who paid into the pool.

As you may expect, the most popular horses tend to attract more pool betting action than the 15-1 betting choice that emerged from out of nowhere. On the flip side, larger payouts will usually come through for those not considered among the favorites in the Vegas odds for Kentucky Derby.

Available Kentucky Derby Lines & Markets

There is more to the big race than picking Kentucky Derby future odds or taking part in pari-mutuel pools. We recommend getting acquainted with these bets before circling favorites from your list of Derby contenders.

Standard Wagers

The most straightforward of bets you can place on the Kentucky Derby are win wagers and other standard picks. They work the same as standard Kentucky Oaks picks and those for other races, and are usually the most popular wagers you can place on the big one.

Win Only Bet

You’re picking a horse you think will win the race – it’s that simple. A win bet pays out once your horse crosses the finish line first and is declared the official winner of the Kentucky Derby.

  • Example: Sierra Leone to Win +700

Place Bet

A placed bet involves a horse finishing either 1st or 2nd in the race. This may be a good choice of bet if you don’t believe Kentucky Derby odds live up to the horse’s chances of making it a showdown at the final furlong.

  • Example: Stronghold to Place

Show Bet

A successful show bet is when the horse finishes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Given the greater chance of winning a show bet due to the extra place, the odds for a show bet will always be lower than the odds for a place bet for the same horse.

  • Example: Track Phantom to Show

Across the Board

One of the more exciting bets for the Kentucky Derby, across the board is wagering for the same horse to win, place, and show – all on one ticket. These Kentucky Derby tickets does cost x3 your unit stake, however. If your selection wins at this famous horse race, you get paid out for all three. Should it place, you get paid out for the place and show. However, if it shows, your returns will be for that portion of the wager only.

  • Example: Knightsbridge to Win, Place, and Show

Exotic Bets

These types of wagers are also very popular among bettors. Here are some exotic wagers can find available to place at Kentucky Derby racebooks this year.


This bet involves picking two horses to finish exactly in 1st and 2nd places, with horses picked by their numbers. Exactas are pari-mutuel wagers which means you won’t know the payout until the race has concluded and bets have been settled. These bet wagers can often pay out high sums and start with minimum bets of around $2 per ticket.

  • Example: 7-2 (7 Beats 2)


Like an exacta, the idea behind this bet is to pick two horses to finish 1st and 2nd. Unlike an exacta, you don’t need to specify the exact order when making the wager – this means you can pick 7 and 2 and still win if the finish order is 2 and 7. Minimum stakes usually start at $1 a pop.

  • Example: 1-4 (1 Beats 4 or 4 Beats 1)


Trifectas are like exactas but you’re choosing three, rather than two horses, to finish in precise order. You also have the option to “box” selections which will then pay out in any of the six combinations possible. The minimum stake for Kentucky Derby trifecta picks and bets is adjusted to around 50 cents per wager or pemutation in most cases.

  • Example: Trifecta (7-2-5); Box Trifecta (7, 2, 5), (7, 5, 2), (2, 7, 5), (2, 5, 7), (5, 7, 2), (5, 2, 7)


A superfecta bet is one of the toughest wagers you can try to win, given the requirement to pick four horses finishing in a precise order. However, you can also box your picks. Pulling off Kentucky Derby superfecta picks is incredibly difficult, so the minimum stake allowed for this bet is typically around 10 cents.

  • Example: Superfecta 7-2-5-9; Box Superfecta (24 permutations)

Super Hi-Five

The super hi-five is an ambitious bet to place. To win, you must pick the first five horses to cross the line in the exact order of their crossing. Or you can choose to box selections, which gives you 120 different permutations covered for those five horses. In 2023, winning super hi-five bets paid out $194,923 according to reliable sources.

  • Example: Super Hi-Five 7-2-5-9-4; Box Super Hi-Five (120 permutations)

How to Find the Current Kentucky Derby Odds Online

You can find 2024 Kentucky Derby odds at any of our recommended sportsbooks and racebooks. To bet on any odds you find online, you’ll need to register for an account and deposit funds. This could entitle you to new customer bonuses and other offers.

  1. Pick a Betting Site

    You don’t need an online betting site to find odds for the race. Feel free to compare them across the sportsbooks in our rankings – when you have found the best lines, you can then sign up for that site in anticipation of the upcoming Kentucky Derby schedule and events.
    Pick a Betting Site
  2. Register for an Account

    Signing up for an account with any of our leading sportsbooks usually takes five minutes or less. Hit the “Join Now” button (or similar) and provide your details – you’ll be asked for your name, date of birth, zip code, and other information.
  3. Select Your Payment Option

    If you want to bet on odds for the Kentucky  Derby, you’ll need to deposit to your real money account. Choose between the options available at checkout – these may include cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, and bank transfers.
    Select Your Payment Option
  4. Choose Your Bonus

    If you wish to claim a bonus, please ensure you have met the requirements to do so before Derby week. This may include a minimum deposit through a specific payment method, as well as a bonus code. If in doubt, contact customer support to make sure you’ve got it!
  5. Select Your Odds and Place Your Bets

    Now it’s time to get your bets down, which means heading on over to the racebook or racing section of the sportsbook. Here’s where the Kentucky Derby odds live – everything the bookie has will be in this section. Good luck with your bets!
    Select Your Odds and Place Your Bets

Odds of Previous Kentucky Derby Winners

Only three-year-old Thoroughbreds get to race in the big one. This means repeat winners are not something you will come across when reading through Kentucky Derby results and finishing stats. Here’s a snapshot of the last ten years of triumph and glory at Churchill Downs.

Year Winner Odds
2023 Mage +1500
2022 Rich Strike +8000
2021 Mandaloun +1200
2020 Authentic +800
2019 Country House +3000
2018 Justify +300
2017 Always Dreaming +450
2016 Nyquist +250
2015 American Pharoah +300
2014 California Chrome +250
2013 Orb +650

The Best Betting Site for Kentucky Derby Odds Today

BetOnline is our top choice for Kentucky Derby betting odds. While all our recommended offshore sportsbooks come with online betting options and competitive lines for Churchill Downs, BetOnline stands out for its commitment to providing quality bonuses, a great mobile product, as well as the best racebook online today!


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